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Have you ever been Ghosted by your web guy? Why Website Maintenance is important.

If I had a nickel for all the times I hear someone say “My web guy ghosted me”, I’d be a rich man.

Proper website maintenance is hard to find.  Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You hire a web “expert” to build your site, they do the job and then disappear.
  • Every time you call for the smallest change, you receive an exorbitant bill.
  • That photo you uploaded takes 10 minutes to load on your website.
  • The “web guy” that built your site used about 100 plugins, and you have no idea what they do and why they are installed.
  • You login to your WordPress website and there are red circles and notices telling you you need to upgrade.
  • WordPress tells you to upgrade, so you do… then BAM, the site is broken.

I could go on with scenarios like this, but I won’t bore you. Suffice it to say, website maintenance is very important for anyone running a WordPress website.

Why do I need Website Maintenance?

WordPress is a fantastic tool. According to w3techs, WordPress is used by 65.2% of all the websites. Because WordPress is such a popular tool, it is also a popular target for those with malicious intent. As soon as they learn of a vulnerability, they start exploiting it. So, you need to update as soon as possible to reduce the time that your site is vulnerable. In order to keep these evil doers at bay, WordPress is constantly releasing security updates. These updates also include upgrades to the system from time to time.

Additionally, the themes and plugins that WordPress uses are also being updated for security and compatibility with the latest WordPress releases.

All of this adds up to a necessary service that MOST WordPress sites go without… Website Maintenance.

What should Website Maintenance include?

Proper website maintenance includes a visit to the administrative side of the site at-least once a month to take care of the following:

  • Update WordPress
  • Update the Theme
  • Update all Plugins
  • Clean and optimize the WordPress Database
  • Image optimization for site speed
  • Periodic server side software upgrades

What happens when I need a small update or change?

UX Media House believes that a good maintenance plan should include small changes without nickel-and-diming the customer.

Have you ever needed to make a small copy change, maybe a change of address, a paragraph updated, or even an image changed?  Every website needs this from time to time, and in most cases you are stuck with either doing it yourself, or calling the ever elusive “web guy” to make the change, only to find along with his delayed response comes a large bill for his time.

Small changes like these should not cost you a nickel, a dime or a hundred dollars.  Our maintenance plans include these small changes.

Next steps to WordPress peace of mind

If any of these issues sound familiar and you are looking for a WordPress expert to take these concerns off your plate, we can help.  Our team at UX Media House has been working in WordPress for over 15 years. We know the ins and outs of what it takes to get your WordPress site running smoothly. Let us do a free website audit on your site, we can tell you exactly what it will take to get things up to snuff.

UX Media House make WordPress easy.

If you are in need of upgrade to your site, or don’t yet have a website, we can help as well. On top of website maintenance we also build WordPress and Non-Wordpress websites. We have a Business, eCommerce & Custom packages that can help you achieve your business goals.


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